Christian Baby Girl Names in Tamil

christian baby girl tamil names

Choosing names from the Bible for Christian Tamil girls is done with the hope that it builds faith in the Lord and Christianity as well. Bible names for women have been popular since the beginning of history. For example, the names like Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Deborah are taken from the Bible. It is the source of many of the names of Christian girls. Agatha, Esthar, Lilith, Nova and Susanna are unique Bible names. The Bible is full of incredible Christian women, from Elizabeth to Martha. Bible names are very common in Christian culture. Many parents do not even know that the Tamil names they give their daughters are from the Bible.

Names from Christianity have long been at the top of the list of popular Christian names. Some are looking for historical names that add beauty and hope to their girl babies. Others prefer names that sound sweet to the ears and be modern. Parents who choose a name from the Bible do not choose historical names like Mary and Elizabeth. Instead they choose names like Nova, Abigail, Elia, Hannah. If parents choose a Tamil name for their baby girl from the Bible they should be of the best role models in the Bible.You shall have to be aware that not everyone in the Bible is the best role model.

Our website is great for parents to choose the best Christian baby girl name for the princess of their home. The names in the Bible on our website are given with their background meaning. We have also added a list of modern Christian baby girl names in Tamil. The names are also given on the basis of sum total of the letters &according to numerology. So our website will be very helpful for the parents to choose a good name for their baby girl.

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Christian Tamil Baby Girl Names List

# Baby Names English Baby Names Tamil Name Meaning Numerology Name Details
1 Amala அமலா

confidence, pure one

2 Angel ஏஞ்சல்

messenger of God

3 Anita அனிதா

Rejoices in new pleasures, grace

4 Antonymary அந்தோணிமேரி

beloved, Rebellion

5 Catherine காத்தரின்

pure, Innocent

6 Christy கிறிஸ்டி

A follower of Jesus Christ, anointed

7 Clara கிளாரா

Clear, bright, popular

8 Dora டோரா

Gift or God's gift

9 Elizabeth எலிசபெத்

Queen of England, my God is abundant

10 Esther எஸ்தர்

Star, Young  Woman

11 Glory குளோரி

Glory To God, Happiness

12 Grace Mary கிரேஸ் மேரி

great love, grace

13 Gracey கிரேஸி

Grace, blessing, angel

14 Isabella இசபெல்லா

A form of Elizabeth, Sanctified

15 Lavanya லாவண்யா

grace, beauty

16 Lilly லில்லி

Beauty, innocence, lily flower

17 Lorenzia லாரென்ஸியா

creative, artistic

18 Lorenzia Juliet லாரன்சியா

Creative, Youthful

19 Lynda லிண்டா

Pretty, Flexible

20 Lynda Mary லிண்டா மேரி

Pretty, Love


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