Best and Beautiful Hindu Tamil Names with Meaning for Your Baby Boy

hindu baby boy tamil names

Parents are very happy when a baby boy is born in a family. Parents choose the most suitable Hindu Tamil baby boy names for the baby according to its birth nakshatra, as per the baby's horoscope and on the astrologer's advice. Some people choose the Hindu Tamil baby boy names as per numerology with respect to the nakshatra and the date of birth of the baby. Some others choose modern fashionable Tamil baby boy names, as per their nakshatra. So, it is customary to name Hindu babies according to astrology and numerology. The babies are given also the name of their family deity or the name of their favorite deity

Our website will be useful for those who are looking for best and beautiful hindu tamil baby boy names by choosing the first letter of the baby’s tamil name based on birth nakshatra, astrology, numerology etc., and also for those who are expecting to have a particular cumulative total of that name.

Best Hindu Tamil baby boy names are given on our website with the meanings of names, and also names appropriate for nakshathra as well as names with a favorable first alphabet of Tamil and as per numerology. Names of Hindu gods appropriate for baby boys are given, like Sri Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, Ganesha, Murugan, Iyappan, Surya and Chandra, and also the hindu tamil baby boy names for the 27 nakshatras.

How to Choose a Lucky Tamil Name for a Baby Boy?

Every paadha of each nakshatra has a Tamil letter assigned to it. If a boy is born on the first paadha of the Aswini nakshatra, for example, the first Tamil letter of the name to be given to that child is "சு". Thereby, the baby can be named "SUDHARSHAN". Similarly, the first letter to be named for a child born on second paadha of Aswini is "சே". That child can be named "Sethuraman".

For a baby to be named according to numerology, who is born on 24th date (2+4=6) in Aswini nakshatra, first paadha, the first letter of the name shall begin with the Tamil alphabet "சு" but with the sum of the letters of the name must be 6. The baby can then be named "SUKUMAR".

It is very easy to give a beautiful, fashionable and even a lucky name to a baby boy if the parents spend a few minutes to do so. We need to know the nakshathra and the paadha in which the baby was born, and choose a tamil baby boy name that starts with the corresponding letter of that nakshatra & paadhaa. That would be a lucky name for the baby.

Lucky tamil baby boy names for babies born under each nakshatra and on each paadha are given on our website as per numerology. So, we hope our website will be very helpful in choosing beautiful and lucky tamil baby boy names for your baby.

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Tamil Baby Boy Names List

# Baby Names English Baby Names Tamil Name Meaning Numerology Name Details
1 Aadal Arasu ஆடல் அரசு

lord shiva name

2 Aadalarasan ஆடலரசன்

king of dance, lord shiva name

3 Aadhideva ஆதிதேவா

The first god of the world

4 Aadinath ஆதிநாத்

The first god of universe.

5 Aatral Arasu ஆற்றல் அரசு

King of power

6 Aavudaiyappan ஆவுடையப்பன்

lord shiva name

7 Aazhiyan ஆழியான்

lord vishnu's sudarshan chakra

8 Abaya அபயா


9 Abhijith அபிஜித்

Successful man

10 Abhik அபிக்


11 Abhinav அபினவ்

The Innovative

12 Abhishek அபிஷேக் Anointing the idol of God. 6
13 Abiyudhay அபியுதய்

The lucky man

14 Abu அபு

The future

15 Achalendra அச்சலேந்திரா

The king of mountain

16 Achyut அச்யுத்

Indestructible, immortal

17 Adeesha அதீஷா

Emperor, King

18 Aditya ஆதித்யா

the lord of sun

19 Agathiyan அகத்தியன்

A Tamil sage, Lord Shiva's servant

20 Agnika அக்னிகா

The nature of fire


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