Best and Beautiful Hindu Tamil Names with Meaning for Your Baby Girl

hindu baby girl tamil names

It is considered very auspicious to have a baby girl born in a family as parents will be happy and think of their girl baby as Goddess Mahalakshmi herself who brings prosperity and wealth. In the same way, a girl child will sincerely heed her parents, grow up well, study hard, and uphold the name and glory of the house where she was born even at the home she gets into after marriage. Hence, the parents will choose the best tamil name of a baby girl very carefully and meticulously.

According to Hinduism, the hindu tamil baby girl names has to be chosen with the birth nakshatra of the baby. Each paadha of a nakshatra has got a corresponding Tamil letter. So, that letter should be the first letter of the name for a baby girl. Some choose the baby's name by as per astrology and some other as per numerology. And some people choose their modern, fashionable names for the hindu tamil baby girl. For example, modern names like Apsara, Varshini, Sindhuja, Vishali are given to their daughters nowadays.

To name as per Numerology, people choose a name that will give a particular number as its sum total of the letters of that name.So our web site will be useful for those who are looking best and beautiful for tamil baby girl names as per nakshatra and numerology. The names of the baby girls on our website are given with the meaning of the name, nakshatra-wise & numerology-wise. The beautiful tamil baby girl names of the Hindu goddesses Amman, Lakshmi and Saraswathi are also given.

How to Choose Lucky Name for Baby Girl?

According to Hinduism, if a baby girl is born on the first paadha of Swathi nakshatra, a name with the Tamil letter "ரு" first should be chosen, "RUDRA" for example. Because every paadha of each nakshatra has got a corresponding Tamil letter. Where as, if the baby is born on the second paadha of the Swati nakshatra, the name should have the alphabet "ரே" as its first letter.

To tamil name a girl according to numerology, if the baby is born on 26th,inthe first paadha of Makam nakshatra, the Tamil letter "ம" should be the first letter, and a name should be chosen so that the sum total of the letters is "8". For example, the name can be "MADHUMITA".

Parents should choose a beautiful, fashionable and divine name for their baby girl based on the baby’s birth nakshatra and numerology, so that the name will be a lucky name for the baby. This is the basis on which our website is designed. So, we hope our website will be very useful to choose best and lucky name for your babies.

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Tamil Baby Girl Names List

# Baby Names English Baby Names Tamil Name Meaning Numerology Name Details
1 Aadharsha ஆதர்ஷா

Ideal, Ambitious

2 Aashi ஆஷி

Happiness, Smile

3 Aasmitha ஆஸ்மிதா

pride, self-respect

4 Abi அபி


5 Abidha அபிதா


6 Agamya அகம்யா

She is knowledgeable, wisdom

7 Agana அகானா

Fearless, luminous

8 Aishwarya ஐஸ்வர்யா

wealth, prosperous

9 Akshaya அக்சயா

more beautiful

10 Alli அல்லி

Flower that blooms at night

11 Aloha அலோஹா

Luminous girl

12 Amirtha அமிர்தா


13 Amodhini ஆமோதினி

Fragrant, happy girl

14 Amrapali அம்ரபாலி

courtesan who became a devote of buddha

15 Anasuya அனசுயா

One who has no evil intentions.

16 Angayarkanni அங்கயர்க்கண்ணி

fish eyes

17 Anjali அஞ்சலி


18 Anjana அஞ்சனா

Lover of family.

19 Anjani அஞ்சனி

Hanuman's mother's name

20 Anju அஞ்சு

one who lives in heart


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