Lord Vishnu Names for Baby Boy in Tamil

lord vishnu baby boy tamil names

Lord Vishnu does the work of guarding among the Divine Trinity of creating, guarding & destroying. Lord Vishnu is traditionally worshiped as the all-pervasive by the Vaishnavite devotees. Sri Maha Vishnu bears many names. It is a general customto name the Hindu male babies with Tamil names to Lord Vishnu. For example, when a Tamil child is given the Tamil name Narayana, it is actually the name of Lord Vishnu, and the parents are happy that whenever they call their child with the name Narayana, it is equal to frequently chanting his name and hence would add blessings to them. The Tamil name Venkatachalapathy is originally the main deity of Tirupati Thirumala, and it is the name of Lord Vishnu, often given to male babies. Similarly, Venkateshwaran, Venkatesh, Balaji, Yezhumalai, Tirupati, Thirumalai, Govindan are mostly Tamil names of Vishnu given to male babies.

Vaishnava mythology also gives the male-child names like the Tamil names like Vishnu, such as Narayanan, Vasudevan, Hari, Paranthaman, Kesavan, and there are names from Sahasranama like Purushothaman, Rishikesh, and Vikraman are also used. Lord vishnu’s Dasavatara names like Ramachandran, Sri Krishnan, Kannan and Narasimhan. Boys are named in Tamil by adding the name of Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi to the name of Sri Vishnu Bhagavan. Thus, it is believed that the when the name of Sri Vishnu is given to male babies they will beget Lord Vishnu’s grace.

We have given the mythological Tamil names of Lord Sri Vishnu, the Sahasranama names and the various incarnation names of Vishnu for male babies. It is given according to the star and as per numerology. So, our website will help parents to choose the appropriate Tamil name of Lord Sri Vishnu for their children efficiently.

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# Baby Names English Baby Names Tamil Name Meaning Numerology Name Details
1 Aazhiyan ஆழியான்

lord vishnu's sudarshan chakra

2 Azhagarsamy அழகர்சாமி

Beautiful god

3 Bhagavan பகவான்


4 Hareesh ஹரீஷ்

lord vishnu name

5 Hari ஹரி

lord vishnu name, lion

6 Haricharan ஹரிசரண்

The feet of the Lord

7 Kamal கமல்

perfectness, Like the lotus, lord vishnu name

8 Kamalanathan கமலநாதன்

lord vishnu name

9 Logendra லோகேந்திரா

lord sri vishnu name, Savior of the world

10 Padmanabhan பத்மநாபன்

lord vishnu name

11 Padmavasan பத்மவாசன்

The one who freezes in the lotus

12 Paranthaman பரந்தாமன் Lord sri vishnu name. 1
13 Parashuram பரசுராம்

Son of Sage Jamadagni

14 Sripathi ஸ்ரீ பதி

lord sri vishnu name

15 Thirunarayan திருநாராயண்

lord vishnu bhagavan name.

16 Vengadavan வேங்கடவன்

lord thiruppathi thirumalai sri vishnu name


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