God Names for Tamil Baby Girl

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God Names for Tamil Baby Girl

Total Names Found : 247  
# Name in English Name in Tamil Name Meaning Numerology Name Details
1 Aadarsha Lakshmi ஆதர்ஷலட்சுமி

an ideal woman, wealth

2 Aadhilakshmi ஆதிலட்சுமி

One of the Ashtalakshmi, Beginning in Lakshmi, Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi, Lakshmi who gives life and health

3 Aadhya ஆத்யா

Feature of Durga, the first power

4 Abhirami அபிராமி

Goddess Parvati Devi, fearless

5 Alaimagal அலைமகள்

Goddess Mahalakshmi, goddess of wealth, Daughter of the Ocean, consort of lord sri vishnu

6 Ambuja அம்புஜா

born from lotus, goddess lakshmi, wealth

7 Anika அனிகா

Another name of Goddess Parvati, grace, brilliance, pretty face

8 Aralvai Azhagi ஆரல்வாய் அழகி

Beautiful Goddess Meenakshi in Aralvai

9 Azhagu Thirumagal அழகுத்திருமகள்

She is as beautiful as Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, Thiru (Sri) - Respect, Wealth

10 Baleswari பாலேஸ்வரி

A Sacred Leaf, Goddess Parvati

11 Bhagavathi பகவதி

Goddess Sri Durga Devi, goddess sri lakshmi, Intuitive, creative, 

12 Bhagyalakshmi பாக்யலட்சுமி

Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and Fortune

13 Bhairavi பைரவி

a melody in classical music, goddess sri durga devi

14 Bhargavi பார்கவி

Name of Goddess Parvathi

15 Bhavani பவானி

The name of Sri Parvati Devi, Name of a river

16 Bhavatharini பவதாரிணி

Goddess Bhuma Devi and Parvati, Indian Playback Singer, The bearer of worldly lives

17 Bhoomija பூமிஜா

Born from the Earth, Daughter of Bhumadevi, Another  Name of Goddess Seetha

18 Bhumija பூமிஜா

Goddess Sri Lakshmi, Another name for Sita Devi, Daughter of Bhumadevi, Born from the Earth

19 Bhuvaneshwari புவனேஸ்வரி

Goddess Sri Amman Name, Goddess of Earth, Powerful deity

20 Chandika சண்டிகா

The moon, She is like the moon, Goddess Parvati