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Nannan Name Meaning in Tamil

Baby Boy

நன்னன் தமிழ் பெயர் அர்த்தம்

Name Meaning in Tamil


Name Meaning in English

The little king

N Letter Characteristics


If the English alphabet N is the first letter of people’s names, they will be proactive and energetic. They wish to create their own road rather than treading on the trodden path of the crowd. These are people who operate without any boundaries or limits. They will try to get perfection in whatever one undertakes. These individuals have excellent artistic talents and excellent communication skills. They will sacrifice anything for the sake of their loved ones. These are people who give importance to entertainment and merry making activities.

Nannan Name Numerology


People whose number is 4 as per name numerology are ruled by Lord Rahu. Number 4 in numerology represents Rahu, also known as Saya Graha or Shadow Planet. They are people who are well aware of the philosophy that life is a continuous struggle. They are eloquent and thereby could charm everyone with their speaking skills. They would not be convinced by the opinions of others, and would be stubborn in their stance and also would be headstrong. They would speak decisively and categorically. They are born fighters by spirit, and will fight out anything and win thereby ultimately. They are capable of turning even unfavourable situations to their advantage with their tact. If they decided to oppose someone, they would not hesitate to do so unmindful of whoever they are. So folks would be cautious in approaching and interacting with these people.

The people of number 4 would feel that instead of their talking about others around, they shall be talked about by others . They are quite capable of standing all their own and can fight out and win in any difficult situation. They are good at assessing their opponents. They are always pondering over something at their mind. Though usually are calm and keeping their poise they would sometimes burst out in anger and be rude. Fortune does not fail to favor these people who believe in their hard work. They will take advantage of such lucky opportunities and occasions that come their way. Anger, ego and stubbornness are their inborn traits. So conforming to others’ will and pleasure is something they don't like. They would speak and behave as if they knew anything and everything. They would also stake as if there was nothing in the world that they were unaware of. However, they respect the elders and the learned to a great extent.

The eloquent nature of number 4 will help the people of this number win high positions in politics. They will have chances to earn more wealth in jobs overseas, betting, and stock market. They will excel in the fields of politics, cinema, science and law. They will be in the capacities of lawyer, film actor, political leader too. If Lord Rahu is occupying a good position in the horoscope, those people will be a lot lucky and famous.

Planet Rahu Characteristics


Rahu or North (ascending) Node of Moon is considered Yoga karakan or the lord of luck. He is the Saya (shadow) planet, who has a human head and a snake body. Rahu has no house to rule. Rahu reigns in Scorpio and descends in Taurus. Stars like Tiruvadhirai, Swathi and Sadhayam will be under the powerful spell of Rahu. Saturn, Venus and Mercury are friendly planets for Rahu. Jupiter or Guru is considered his equal planet. Sun, Moon and Mars are inimical heavenly bodies to Rahu.

Rahu is the sign of luck, travel, foreign business, zeal, stubbornness, sensuality, treasure, gambling, alcohol, theft, poison and suffering. Raagu make people attain professions like astrologers, scientists, thieves, artists and orators. People with the predominance of Rahu will be great speakers. They would be inclined to enjoy worldly pleasures. They would be the luck favouring ones too. They would be good at worldly knowledge. Would be very selfish people. They are capable of impressing others with the power of their tongue and its eloquence. They will hold a big position in politics. They believe hard work only can win success. Rahu is attributed to number 4 in Numerology. According to Numerology, people born on 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st are under the spell of Rahu.

Name in EnglishNannan
Name in Tamilநன்னன்
First Letter in EnglishN
First Letter in Tamil
Hindu Name TypeCommon
Star Anusham / அனுஷம்
Numerology Total22
Ruling PlanetRahu / ராகு
Lucky Numbers1, 5, 6, 9
Lucky GemsGarnet / கோமேதகம்
Lucky ColourBlue, Green

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