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Venugopal Name Meaning in Tamil

Lord Krishna Young

வேணுகோபால் தமிழ் பெயர் அர்த்தம்

Name Meaning in Tamil

ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணன் பெயர், புல்லாங்குழல் வாசிப்பவர்

Name Meaning in English

lord sri krishna name, Flute player

V Letter Characteristics


The English letter V stands for success. These people are born for success. They have the self-confidence and the requisite talent needed to succeed in life. These people would have a circle of good friends. These V persons are hard workers and believers in God Almighty. They will be cautious when moving with people intimately. They will keep their promise so that others will have more faith in them. They are the truthful of all human beings. They are blessed with a sharp memory. They commit themselves to their work with sincerity and dedication.

Venugopal Name Numerology


People whose numerological number, as per their name, is 1 are ruled by the Sun. Number 1 represents Sun in Numerology. They are People who think nothing is impossible and I can do anything. They are people with principles. They are real brave hearts. They will hold lead positions or Leaders. Highly confident people. Due to the sway of the Sun on these people, they will be bright, strong spirited and bear a brilliant appearance. Like the Sun, they will be a source of inspiration for others and will succeed through honesty and hard work. And number 1 is the base of all numbers. Any number is divisible by this number 1. The specialty of this number is that it is the first number of all numerals.

The people of this number 1 are self-confident. Bearing a majestic physical appearance. They are honest souls. They would wish to act independently in everything they undertake. They would bravely fight in difficult situations. They would not deceive others and would detest compromising with people for personal benefits and other gains. They are realistic and move with people on practical terms. This makes them gullible and thereby trust others easily. Irritability and stubbornness are the inborn traits of these souls. At the same time, they have the soft heart to pardon the guilty easily. They are capable of solving disputes brought to their notice saving the parties’ time of moving the court of law and litigating. Thus they will gain a good name and the trust of others. They will readily extend a helping hand, if they are asked for help, and without minding the situation of their own. On the other hand , they would not hesitate punishing the guilty, if they commit a blunder. This make their acquaintances and friends move with them with caution. Laziness is something they disapprove of. They would engage themselves in politics and social service.

People of number 1 will be proficient in fields like engineering, science, medicine, politics, law, commerce, medicine etc. They hold positions like leader in politics, judge, military officer, manager, minister etc. If the Sun is occupying a favourable position in their horoscope, they will attain a very high position in life and in the society.

Planet Sun Characteristics


Sun (Surya) is aathmakarkan (the heart), denoting the father. No single species on Earth can survive without sunshine. Sun is the son of Saint Kashyap and Adithi, daughter of Dakshan. Sun is a fiery heavenly body. Sun reigns in star Leo, attains supremacy in star Aries, and becomes null in star Libra. Raasis like Kaarthigai, Uthiram, Uthraadam are under the powerful spell of Sun. Heavenly bodies like Moon, Jupiter, Mars are the friendly heavenly bodies to Sun. Saturn, Venus and North Node & South Node (Raagu and Kethu) are the non-friendly heavenly bodies to Sun.

Sun is the source of influence for one’s dad, popularity, fame, efficiency, courage. Steel, Govt. dept., judiciary, administration, heart, ailments related to blood are all effected by the influence of Sun. Persons under the influence of Sun would have a majestic look and physique. They are the confident souls. Would observe righteousness as their lead principle in life. Would be respected well and would be regarded high by others. Would detest the vile and the villainy. Would hold positions in Govt. He stands for number 1 in Numerology. As per Numerology people born on 10th, 19th and 28th will be under the spell of the Sun.

Name in EnglishVenugopal
Name in Tamilவேணுகோபால்
First Letter in EnglishV
First Letter in Tamilவே
Hindu Name TypeKrishna
Star Mirugaseerisham / மிருகசீரிஷம்
Numerology Total64
Ruling PlanetSun / சூரியன்
Lucky Numbers1, 5, 6, 9
Lucky GemsRuby / மாணிக்கம்
Lucky ColourYellow, Red

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