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Victor Emmanuel Name Meaning in Tamil

Baby Boy

விக்டர் இம்மானுவேல் தமிழ் பெயர் அர்த்தம்

Name Meaning in Tamil

விக்டர்  - வெற்றியாளர், இம்மானுவேல் - கடவுள் நம்மோடு இருக்கிறார்.

Name Meaning in English

Victor - The winner, emmanuel - God is with us

V Letter Characteristics


The English letter V stands for success. These people are born for success. They have the self-confidence and the requisite talent needed to succeed in life. These people would have a circle of good friends. These V persons are hard workers and believers in God Almighty. They will be cautious when moving with people intimately. They will keep their promise so that others will have more faith in them. They are the truthful of all human beings. They are blessed with a sharp memory. They commit themselves to their work with sincerity and dedication.

Victor Emmanuel Name Numerology


People whose numerological value is 7 according to their name are ruled by Lord Ketu. Number 7 in Numerology represents Chaya Graha and the shadow planet known as Ketu. They are people of probity and are simple people who get emotional easily. They would analyze everything on their own and would tend to experience and learn things on their own rather than learning it from others. Being dignified and simple in life, they would be more inclined towards spirituality and the quest for god. They will never give up their ideals, even if they had to work alone. People will seek their friendship as they are known for their good qualities and habits. As they are progressive thinkers, their ambition would be to eliminate superstitions.

Generally, people of number 7 would like to travel a lot and would wish to go to many countries. They would read many books to widen the horizon of their knowledge about the world. They would generously give alms and charity to the poor and needy and would provide financial assistance and donations for temple renovations. They would behave like a saint and are highly inclined to spiritual quests. They have the ability to know things that others normally cannot. Though they listen to the opinion of others, they would act according to their own will and pleasure. Their thoughts and actions change according to the changing times. They would keep moving towards the lofty ideal in life. Endowed with a spiritual bent of mind, they would have read many books of spirituality. They would be interested more in knowing the meaning and purpose of life and hidden things about the universe, and also about the cosmos. Even when they are met with confusion and depression in life, they would recover from it by the grace of God.

People of number 7 would be mostly earning in overseas currencies. They will be proficient in the fields of medicine, astrology, philosophy, research, and so on. If Lord Ketu is in a favorable position in their horoscope, their life will be an appreciable one and the people around will be in praise of their life.

Planet Kethu Characteristics


South Node or Kethu is considered source of wisdom. He is the Saya (shadow) planet, who has got the head of a serpent and a human body. Kethu has no house of his own to rule. He reigns well in Scorpio and debilitates in Taurus. Aswini, Magam and Moolam are the nakshatras that are under the spell of Kethu. Saturn, Venus and Mercury are friendly planets to Ketu. Guru is considered his equal planet. Sun, Moon and Mars are the inimical planets.

Kethu is the sign of wisdom, spirituality, meditation, asceticism, zeal, imprisonment, poison, moksha, foreign country, religious leaders, theft, deception, defeating enemies, witchcraft, diseases related to breath. People who have the predominance of Kethu are the worldly wise. People who would have read a lot, who would be very rich. They would be overseas traders, and would be frequent abroad travellers. Others would respect and hold them in good esteem. They would behave like a saint. They will excel in the fields of law, art and spirituality. Kethu belongs to number 7 in numerology. According to numerology, people born on 7th, 16th, 25th are ruled by Kethu.

Number 7 Numerology Celebrities

Bill Gates

One of the richest people in the world, BILL GATES's name numerology is 7. Numerologically, the number 7 is ruled by Ketu. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft. He started writing programs at an early age. Bill Gates started Microsoft in 1975 with a friend after completing his studies at Harvard University. Then they started writing the software needed for the computer. Later this company gradually grew and revolutionized the history of computing.

Bill Gates' current net worth is around $114 billion USD. Billcats owns Berkshire Hathaway, Four Seasons, Caterpillar, FedEx, UPS, and Waste Management Inc. Founded in 2000 by Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was created to alleviate poverty and improve healthcare worldwide. He has also donated to various vocational institutes and universities.

Name in EnglishVictor Emmanuel
Name in Tamilவிக்டர் இம்மானுவேல்
First Letter in EnglishV
First Letter in Tamilவி
Numerology Total70
Ruling PlanetKethu / கேது
Lucky Numbers1, 2, 5, 6
Lucky GemsCat's Eye / வைடூரியம்
Lucky ColourBlue, Green

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